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10 Good News Stories Amidst the Coronavirus


10 Good News Stories Amidst the Coronavirus

By Cecelia Bocker


Everyone around the world is scared right now. We are in a constant state of fear due to the coronavirus. Most news stories we’ve heard lately have been about death tolls, testing centers, lockdowns, quarantine warnings and our first responders’ struggles.

While these are important, we need some positivity in our days. In hopes of lifting your mood and easing your stress a bit, we’ve compiled a list of ten positive news stories and events that you might not have heard about amidst the pandemic.


1. Many people have been forced to cancel or reschedule their weddings, bridal/baby showers, birthdays and vacations due to social distancing regulations. While this is absolutely devastating to those directly involved, one couple chose to find a silver lining. When they heard their wedding was to be cancelled, a couple in the UK chose to donate the 400 meals originally ordered for their wedding guests to hospital staff to show appreciation and support.


2. With schools closed for weeks at this point, many teachers and students are missing each other. 6.5 hours per day, 5 days per week, 180 days per year… that’s 1,170 hours per year that students and teachers spend together. With that time suddenly cut short, many towns are having “parades” of teachers. Parents and kids gather outside their houses and on corners with signs and balloons, as their teachers drive by waving to their kids. It may not be the same as an actual school day, but it gives these kids and teachers a chance to see each other again.


3. Many companies, both big and small, are doing what they can to alleviate to the shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Designers including Prada, H&M, Christian Siriano, Zara and Hayley Paige, along with graduates from top design schools such as Parsons, have donated their time and materials to create masks to send to hospitals around the world. Sports equipment companies, such as Cascade and Bauer, have switched operations from producing lacrosse and hockey masks to creating face shields for first responders. Mechanical companies, such as Mercedes and Formula1, have starting producing ventilators.


4. With gyms and other fitness centers shut down, many people have taken to running and working out at home. However, many fitness instructors have allowed for free trials of their home programs. Others have taken to doing “live” workouts across social media, some have even gotten their communities to exercise from their lawns, balconies and rooftops with them.


5. Many corporations have begun offering free meals and beverages for anyone on the front lines of the pandemic. Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and Sweet Green are just a few of the multi-billion-dollar companies that are showing their support for all healthcare employees, first responders and “front-line” workers by giving away meals, coffee and more.


6. In the midst of the lockdown in Italy, there have been small glimmers of hope. For the first time in years, the water that runs through the canals of Venice, Italy is crystal clear. Scientists have attributed this to a massive decrease in water pollution typically caused by the boats that are used as primary transport through the city.


7. We all know professional athletes and performers make exorbitant amounts of money. Whether you agree with their pay scale or not, it gives celebrities the ability to give back to charities and those less fortunate in ways the average person cannot. With sports seasons being cut short and venues being shut down, many average people have suddenly been left with no income. Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are donating money to cover the salaries of the employees who work at the Chase Center (their home court venue). Mark Cuban also made the decision to pay hourly employees that have been affected by the Mavericks’ season ending early. Madison Square Garden will be paying their employees through May in response to all events being cancelled or postponed.


8. Many artists have been live-streaming concerts or sing alongs from their homes in order to stay connected with their fans. There is no charge to login and listen. Artists that have been participating in this include Dua Lipa, Mariah Carey, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, John Legend, Coldplay, Machine Gun Kelly, Backstreet Boys, Tim McGraw and Sam Smith. Local artists including Mike Del Giudice and "Big Shot" have also begun doing this via Facebook Live. 


9. We have seen communities come together in tough times, but perhaps one of the most inspiring occurrences during this pandemic has been community sing-alongs. Videos have emerged from Italy, showing people on their balconies singing beautiful, classic songs together. New York did something similar – but with a typical NY twist. A video from Brooklyn went viral recently showcasing multiple apartment buildings playing “Juicy”. Residents can be heard clearly rapping the words to the famous Biggie Smalls song.


10. In addition to designers, mechanical companies and celebrities stepping up to do what they can during this time, perfume and alcohol companies are also doing their part. Companies with factories around the world including Puig, Laureni, BrewDog and Pernod Ricard have switched gears to produce hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes and other sanitizing products.


In a time where everyone is scared and doing what they can to remove themselves from society and association with people, we hope that these stories have brought a little light to your day.

If you heard a positive story that we didn’t mention, let us know! We can all use some extra positivity these days! Stay safe, stay healthy, stay aware.


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