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Access Quiz: What Type of Employee Are You?


Access Quiz: What Type of Employee Are You?

What would best describe you on a typical work day?

  1. Concentrated on completing one task and beginning another.
  2. Excited to work with your team to accomplish a common goal.
  3. Serious and focused on getting things done.


Your co-workers:

  1. Look up to you as an inspiration.
  2. Come to you for guidance and support.
  3. Work with you when it is necessary.


Which of these are you best at?

  1. Working under pressure to meet a deadline.
  2. Working on a team. You feed off of other’s ideas and energy.
  3. Working independently. You don’t like any distractions.


What do you want to do the most?

  1. Be the boss.
  2. Help others improve.
  3. Solve problems and find solutions.


Which adjectives describes you best?

  1. Results-driven, Responsible
  2. Positive, Compatible
  3. Independent, Introverted


Your mantra when it comes to work is:

  1. "Time is money"
  2. "Team work makes the dream work"
  3. "I’ve got this"


Your heavy workload has slowed down. You finally caught up, so you:

  1. Caught up? I am never behind with my work. I always get it done within deadlines.
  2. Start putting some time and effort into another project, one that does not technically fall under your job description, but your co-workers will really benefit.
  3. Take a bit of a break before moving on to work on the next project.



Mostly 1’s: Leader. You were made to be a leader. With your hard work ethic and regimented mentality, you would make a great boss. Keep working hard!


Mostly 2’s: Team Player. You're an excellent team player who loves to work with a team to get the job done. You would even be a great fit to run a team of your own some day!


Mostly 3’s: Works Best Independently. You prefer to work independently. You may make a wonderful consultant or independent contractor! You have your own visions and you will work hard to accomplish your goals.


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