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Capturing Talent in a Candidate's Market



CAPTURING TALENT in a Candidate's Market

By Cecelia Bocker

As a staffing firm, we understand how important it is to match the right candidate with the right client and job role. With over thirty years of successful business under our belt, we’re confident in our ability to make this perfect match. Our number one job is to help clients and candidates, part of that job is explaining why things don’t always work out and what we can do to change what is going on in the current job market.

TRENDS. One big trend that seems to be happening in the employment world is “bailing”. This is when a candidate backs out of a job that they had originally applied and interviewed for, then accepts a different position before they are offered the first role. Many candidates are being driven away from roles, specifically temporary/contract positions, due to the extensive interview processes.  Time is not on our side in this market, so how do we act fast but make sure we’re hiring quality employees? While we recognize it is important to be thorough and learn about a candidate before you make an offer, some jobs require less intensive hiring procedures than others. For example, a four-week contract position should not require a two-week interview process. While a candidate understands that you, the employer, have options in terms of applicants, employers need to remember that we are currently in a candidate’s market, and that they have options too. The current job market is 90% candidate driven. This means a candidate picks their employer, not the other way around. Our goal is to help sell your company to insure a quality hire for you.

TIMING. In the time it takes a client to choose someone to fill a contract role, that candidate might be offered a different temp, or even permanent, job in the meantime just based off of their resume and experiences. If this happens, the candidate is more than likely to take the job they are offered, if they are unsure of where they stand with a different role. It’s not uncommon to hear “I’m sorry to let you know but I will not be moving forward with ABC company as I have accepted a full time offer from their competitor” or “Thank you for this opportunity, but I have used three vacations days to interview in the past two weeks and I still don’t know where I am in the hiring process. I have decided to move forward with another offer at this time”.

TECHNOLOGY. Also, don’t lose candidates to technology.  The trend for recruitment automation tools promise to aid in finding, attracting and engaging candidates. The problem is people NEED people. Candidates are turned off by the slow process and non-human elements. So while the newest employment technology might sound great, in reality you are in danger of losing the best candidates to more personalized recruitment practices.

Statistically, the American economy is at full employment. This means, for the most part, anyone who wants a job can have one. This also means, candidates have no shortage of options when it comes to jobs they apply for and consider taking if they are offered the position. Keep this in mind next time you’re contemplating bringing a candidate in for multiple interviews. If you like a particular applicant and feel that they would be successful in the role, move quickly before someone else recognizes their potential.

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