Preparing for the interview

Preparing for the interview

First things first - before you go on the interview you have to get the company interested enough to meet you. Take a look at our resume and cover letter sections to help you get your foot in the door. After your resume and cover letter convince them they must see you, find out exactly whom you will be meeting with, and what their job title is. Knowing about the company and the person you are meeting with is extremely helpful during any interview. The best places to do research on companies is the Internet, or the library, and within the company itself.

Hop on the Internet and check out the company's website and any articles you can find on them. If you don't have web access, go to the library and look up any and all info on that company. You can also ask the company receptionist for some info. Most companies have an information packet they use for potential clients or for press. Just explain that you are being considered for a position and you'd like to read up on the company, they should have no problem giving you the material.

After you know more about the company, formulate in a concise statement what marketable skills you would bring to the company. Then find evidence of these relevant skills in your resume. For instance, if you know that the company prides themselves on attention to detail, you can site specific instances in your resume that shows how important details are to you. You might also want to prepare an answer to the popular interview question "What is your biggest weakness?" This should be a statement that identifies your weakness in the best possible light and what you do to compensate for that weakness. However, making statements like "My biggest weakness is that I'm a perfectionist," usually comes off as sounding corny and rehearsed.

When you actually go to the interview make sure you come fully prepared. You should have a folder or attaché, with several copies of your resume on high quality paper, along with a list of verified references on the same type of paper. You'll also want a pad and a pen to take any important notes. Also make sure you have two pieces of identification, just in case you have to sign any tax forms. You might want to pick up some breath mints beforehand, just in case. Most importantly, leave yourself with more than enough time to get there!


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