Payroll Processing

Utilizing Access Payroll Services will free your company from administrative burdens as well as legal obligations, of payroll processing. Your company will be able to concentrate on core business, with the additional benefits of improved timekeeping strategies and guaranteed compliance with every aspect of unemployment insurance and workers' compensation obligations. This can be especially important if your current payroll processing occurs in multiple locations. With Access Payroll Services, you can count on consistent and uniform application of all federal, state, and local legal obligations.

We handle every aspect of the process–from preparing documentation for your review to delivering final paychecks. The time you save in addition to the improved application and cost-control benefits more than offsets the service fees.

Access will customize a service to accommodate your individual business needs and concerns. We will provide clean, easy-to-understand weekly invoicing for improved accuracy and record keeping. Access will also handle every payroll-related employee issue and concern, including creating customized enrollment packets and providing access to payroll experts to answer employee questions.

Ideal for traditional and non-traditional employees

Access Payroll Services accommodates:

  • Full-time Employees
  • Part-time Employees
  • Interns
  • Contract Workers
  • Freelancers
  • Special Project Employees
  • Family Members
  • Past or Retired Employees
  • Students


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