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Summer Bloopers 2017


With summer passing us like a solar eclipse – we reflected back on some of the fun times in the office this past season.  As many of you know, in the recruiting/staffing industry you hear some really funny things both from clients and from candidates.  Some things make you shake your head and say “well, that was a first!”   So, I’ve put a few of the summer good laughs into a Summer Bloopers for your reading entertainment.  

Summer Bloopers 

Multi-Talented:  The same candidate applies to three completely different jobs at once.  Now we all say that we can do anything - but when a candidate applies to a Civil Engineer, a Human Resources Recruiter and a Staff Accountant position all in the same day - now that's TALENT.   And the best part was the candidate was an Executive Assistant in the last two positions.  Gotta have a dream…

Summer Attire:   One of our candidates (Sr. Software Engineer) had not been on a job interview in 15 years, but found himself being admired by our top clients within just a few days.  Long story short, he was very nervous for his interview with the CIO of a F500 company.  All suited up and looking great – he heads into the interview.  The CIO behind the desk is wearing a navy blue suit coat.  He stands to greet our candidate with a hand shake – and the CIO is wearing jean shorts and flip flops!  He told our candidate – “they can’t see my shorts on the skype camera.”   The interview went great and our candidate now takes great pride in his selection of work flip flops!

Lost in Nassau:  Our candidate is all confirmed, prepped and ready to go on an interview!  I sent a detailed interview prep by email including specific directions. They call 15 minutes before the interview saying they are lost.  I tell the candidate to make a right and go one building further. The correct building is right next door. The candidate never arrived for the interview - never to be heard from again. MIA!    The best part is the client is a leader in the logistics industry and thought it would be funny if we offered free pizza within 30 minutes if the candidates don’t arrive on time. 

Wedding Bells:   Candidate accepts an offer after weeks of negotiating all the fine details of her offer, insurance and benefits.  She starts the job. Hooray!    Only to tell her new employer after two weeks that she needs to take off next week for her wedding and honeymoon. Not good!!!

So, I’m happy to report that we were able to place some genuinely nice, smart, talented individuals in jobs this summer – and they are all really thriving in their new positions.  Positive feedback from candidates and clients has been very heartwarming and rewarding. That's why we keep doing this!   

Happy recruiting everyone!!   Wishing you less disappointments, the ability to laugh at it all and of course lots more placements!!

~ Linda


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