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Summer Bucket List IDEAS! - June 2019



Summer Bucket List IDEAS

By: Cecelia Bocker

Summer is the season when most people take vacations and make plans. However, most of the time when someone asks “what are you going to do this summer?”, we struggle to come up with plans that are different from the usual responses such as “go to the beach”, “go on vacation”, or “spend time with my family”. While these plans might be true and sound great, how about adding something truly beneficial to your summer plans? We’ve compiled a list of 10 summer bucket list items to boost your professionalism this season!


  1. Learn a new skill – We can’t stress this enough. You can ALWAYS build up your resume. Think outside the box, do some research on what the hottest skills are right now. “Soft skills” are becoming more and more important in business every day. Look into some of these!


  1. Learn a new language – This may sound difficult and like you won’t have time to do it. However, there are a ton of language apps and websites out there today that you can download right to your phone and learn anywhere! Just pop your headphones in your ears and learn from the beach, the train, the airport, your house, wherever you are this summer!


  1. Try mentoring – Mentoring is a great way to learn from someone who is higher up and more experienced. Find someone you admire and approach them, ask if you could pick their brain occasionally, see if you could help them with any projects to gain experience. Be direct and ask if they would be okay with mentoring you. If you are someone who is already well established in your field, consider mentoring someone that you see as passionate and driven. Mentoring is a great way to learn more about an industry, as well as the latest trends in business. It’s a partnership!


  1. Reconnect with someone in your past – This does not have to be someone you worked with, but it absolutely can be! This could be an old boss, a co-worker who left your company or just someone you went to college with. Reconnecting with someone you fell out of touch with can open so many doors, and we don’t just mean professionally. This person could turn out to be your new best friend, your mentor, or even your business partner!


  1. Support a cause you believe in – A lot of times our lives get busy or complicated, and we forget how fortunate we really are. In addition to looking good on a resume, volunteering is a great way to spend your free time. If it is a cause you truly care about, chances are the time will go by quickly and you’ll feel great about making a difference. Most people find that once they finish their volunteer shift they don’t even mind that they weren’t technically paid for the time they spent because they were rewarded by helping others. Think about what you care about, or what change you would like to see in the world, and find an organization whose morals and goals align with yours.


  1. Pitch an original idea to your boss – If you have an idea that you think will benefit the company or help your team, talk to your manager about it! They will definitely appreciate the extra effort and interest in the industry, as well as the courage it took to approach them. Even if they aren’t fully on board with your specific idea, it could spark something great and that will reflect on you in the future.


  1. Find a hobby you’re passionate about – Everyone should have something in their life that they do on their own just to help them relax and bring themselves joy. This could be anything. It could be reading, knitting, running, making jewelry, or writing. As long as it brings you genuine happiness, incorporate it into your weekly routine this summer. Remember that mental health and your emotions are just as important as working hard and making money.


  1. Take a few days off to relax – As we mentioned earlier, Summer is a very common time for people to take vacations. There’s nothing wrong with this! Even if you don’t go away somewhere, a few days to relax at home can do wonders. If you do take time to just relax at home, make sure you actually relax. We know it’s hard to just sit at home on your day off when there are tasks you need to get done and it feels like you’re wasting all of your free time, but trust us…use at least one of your days off as a real DAY OFF.


  1. Update your resume – If you really can’t use your free time to just relax and you’re one of those people who always need to be “doing something”, a day or two off is a great time to update your resume. Try a new format, double check that all of your dates are accurate, check your spelling, be sure all of your skills are listed. Your resume is often the first impression someone gets of you as a professional, so you want to be sure you are represented accurately.


  1. Take advantage of your company benefits – Many companies participate in benefit programs. Find out if your company does, and if they do, be sure to use some of those perks! Some benefit programs offer great deals on the newest restaurants, concert or theater tickets, and even hotels and flights to help you book the perfect summer getaway.


We don’t expect your bucket list to include all of these tips, but we hope you choose at least one or two of these activities and incorporate them into your life for the best summer yet! Think we missed a great idea? Let us know!

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