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TOP 10 Calling Out Excuses


Written By: Tina Ruark-Baker, Senior Vice President

Being in the staffing industry for over thirty years, our offices have heard our fair share of reasons that people can’t go to work.  

We decided to dive in and take a look at some of the leading excuses when calling out. There are always the normal excuses of a doctor’s appointment or not having any power.  When we started researching this topic online we were shocked at the number of hysterical excuses!


  • “If I leave, my landlord will move all of my stuff out.  I have to stay home.”


  • “I tripped over my dog and was knocked unconscious.”


  • “I made a mistake and ate cat food instead of tuna and my stomach hurts really bad – I can’t go to work for three days.”


  • “A bear was in my yard and I am afraid to go outside.”


  • “I need to attend the funeral of my neighbors pet because I am a pallbearer.”


  • “My roots are showing, and I need to keep my hair appointment today because I look like a mess.”


  • “My Mother passed away during the night - I mean my Father.”   (Later that day the employee posted photos from the beach.)


  • “I caught my uniform on fire by putting it in the microwave to dry."


  • “I can’t find the polling place to vote – I’m driving round looking for the signs.”


Pssssst……  Put your phone down!  

We were also shocked at how many employees were BUSTED because they posted things on social media – and got caught in a lie.   According to CareerBuilder, 38% of employers have checked up on a sick worker and 26% were fired for using a fake excuse.    And be smart about posting events the day before calling out sick – Facebook postings isn’t a good idea.

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